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7 Moments In 7 Days: #4 Bernie and Mo Clinch the Subway Series

*In the week until the Yankees open the 2015 season I’ll be counting down, one a day, my personal Top 7 Yankees Moments of all time.*

I’ve never been (and will probably never be) more nervous for a Yankees Playoff series than I was for the 2000 World Series against the Mets. Even with the Yankees having won 2 World Series in a row, and three out the previous four, the concept of losing to the Mets was something I could never have lived down. Every moment of the 5 game series was an absolute nail-biter for me, and even with the Yankees up 4-2 in the bottom of the ninth in Game 5 (thanks to Luis Sojo) and Mariano Rivera on the mound I just wanted it to be over. After sandwiching a bloop single between 2 quick outs, Mariano got Mike Piazza (because of course Piazza had to come up as the potential tying run) to hit a deep fly ball to center. My heart was in my throat when the ball left the bat, but I’ve never had dread turn to relief as fast as when the ball settled into Bernie Williams’ (my bar-none favorite player of all time) glove. At the time, the win felt monumental, beating the Mets to win a fourth Championship in five years made it feel like the good times would roll on forever in Yankee-land. In retrospect, the win actually seems even larger. It’s the final title of the Torre era, and quite possibly the only Subway I’ll ever see.