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7 Moments In 7 Days: #3 DJ3K

*In the week until the Yankees open the 2015 season I’ll be counting down, one a day, my personal Top 7 Yankees Moments of all time.*

A couple of days ago when I posted about Derek Jeter’s walk-off hit in his last home game at Yankee Stadium I talked about how I screamed “Of course he did!” Truth be told, that wasn’t the first time I used that phrase in relation to Jeter. That would be the day in July of 2011 when the Captain got his 3000th hit on a booming home run, his second hit of the day. He proceeded to collect three more hits including knocking in the game-winning run because he’s Derek Jeter and those are the type of things he did, the kind of things that make me laugh when people whine about how overrated he is (the fact that he retired with more hits than all but 5 other Major League Baseball players have ever gotten helps with the laughing). Jeter’s 3000th hit also has personal meaning to me. Firstly, it was the last great Yankee moment that I got to watch with my dad. By July 2011 he was sick, but still able to enjoy things like baseball for a but longer. Secondly, anytime I think of the home run, and anything Derek Jeter, IK’m reminded of my great friend Justin Slaton. Someone I met over Twitter discussing Yankees baseball, whose grown into one of my best friends despite the geographic and ideological differences between us just because we share the great link that is baseball.