7 Moments In 7 Days: #6. Derek Jeter’s Final Home Game Walk-Off.

*In the week until the Yankees open the 2015 season I’ll be counting down, one a day, my personal Top 7 Yankees Moments of all time.*

Derek Jeter’s final game at Yankee Stadium was an emotional time for me. From the obvious baseball standpoint I was watching the great Yankee of my generation, probably the greatest Yankee I’ll ever see, play his final home game. On top of that, the game was just over a month removed from my father’s death. Like many baseball fans, my dad was the driving force in my fandom from an early age and it was from him that developed my love of the game and the Yankees. Suffice to say, I  emotionally cried throughout the game’s first 8 innings. I was so drained that I barely got upset when David Robertson blew the save in the ninth inning, however (like every other twitter user in the world) I quickly put together that Jeter was coming up third in the bottom of the ninth and the idea of a walk-off popped into my brain. By the time Derek came up with a runner on second, there’s was no doubt in my mind that the game was about to end. When it did, I screamed “Of COURSE he did!” and proceeded to leap around my living room.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the countdown’s first dose of October Home Run heroics.


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